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One wedding detail we’ve found that often gets overlooked till the last minute is wedding signage. Welcome signs, bar signs, table numbers, seating charts…. All details that most brides forget about until crunch time. At this point you’re likely over budget, short on time and well, creatively tapped out. So you hop online and order the first sign that remotely matches their wedding theme. Now there’s nothing wrong with this… traditional wedding signs are just fine. But in our professional opinion… there’s SO many unique substitutes to traditional signage and ways to spice up the area that can REALLY add interest and character to your wedding!

We’ve compiled some of our favorite ideas when it comes to signage so that if you’re a little late to the game and stressed out about your wedding signs… you can look no farther than this page and get these details ironed out NOW! If you’re ahead of the game with months to go and you’re already tackling wedding signage… YOU. GO. GIRL. Take a look through the ideas and see which ones stand out to you!

Give Your Guests a Welcome to Remember

1. Linen Welcome Sign

Linen signs are classy, organic, natural and STUNNING! These signs SCREAM classy black and white wedding, an outdoor garden reception or a boho celebration. Truly though, a great linen sign works with ANY wedding vibe. 

2. Use a Mirror

Mirrors as decor is TRENDING at the moment and getting more popular every week! We love this idea for a few reasons. Firstly, if you have time to go on a scavenger hunt to your local thrift stores, you can usually score a STUNNING vintage mirror for a couple bucks! If you’re not able to find one at your local thrift store, check at ROSS! Weird place to shop for wedding decor, I know… but you can find nice big vintage mirrors for a fraction of the cost of ones online! The other reason we LOVE the idea of using a mirror for your welcome sign is that it’s REUSABLE! Whether you want to use a chalk marker that can easily be wiped clean or you want to peel off the vinyl applique… this is a great way to purchase something that will actually be useful in the future.

3. Planter Sign

Do we even need to explain why these are a great idea? BEAUTIFUL. FUN. DIFFERENT. TRENDY. HAPPY. CLASSY. LIVELY. All of the best things really. We might be slightly biased to this idea based on the fact that we specialize in wedding florals… but I mean honestly. You can’t tell me that these are not a STUNNING substitute for a basic plastic or wood welcome sign.

Highlight Your Signature Drinks

1. Stone showstoppers

Stone or rock signs are becoming INCREASINGLY popular (as are stone/rock table numbers)! These signs are perfect for the neutral, earthy, organic couple with their raw edgy and natural feel. These signs can also be EXTREMELY budget friendly! Find a countertop company or inquire at your local home improvement store for any broken, scap or trash pieces they may have! Typically these will already be broken and you’re ready to go. If not… grab yourself a hammer and take out some of that wedding stress! From here anyone with a cricut can cut out your wording and you’re set! You have a GORGEOUS bar sign that’s so much more interesting than the typical acrylic or foam board sign!

2. Not Just a Photo Frame

Similar to mirror signs, these are a GREAT way to make a wedding purchase that you can reuse later! TIP:check for frames while you’re hunting at your local thrift store! The color, size and style of the frame are TOTALLY customizable any way you do it…. You just have to print off your menu (we suggest using Canva to customize your bar menu and design!) and slide it into your frame. At the end of the night, pull out the menu and you have another frame for your home!

3. Artful Chalkboard

Bar signs are one of those things that you will NEVER use again. They don’t really make very pretty home decor and the odds of someone having the EXACT same bar menu for their wedding is highly unlikely. The last thing you want to do is spend a ton of money printing out a bar sign that you’re going to throw away at the end of the night. While slightly more casual, chalkboard signs can be a great solution! FInd a chalkboard you like, order some chalkboard markers and have that talented bridesmaid over for craft night 🙂

Seating Charts Don’t Have to be Boring

1. Shot Walls

Shot walls are the perfect way for guests to kick off their cocktail hour while also directing them where they need to be. Not only are these walls GORGEOUS in photos, a beautiful statement piece for your reception but it’s also a FUN way to welcome guests through the door!

2. Bud Vase Wall

SImilar to the first idea… a bud vase floral seating chart is the PERFECT focal piece for any flower lovin’ couple! This wall can easily tie into the floral on your guest tables AND can work as a party favor (might as well kill two birds with one stone)! The bud vases act as the perfect way to tell guests where they will be sitting and give them their party favor before the night is over!

3. Mirror Wall

We mentioned mirrors are getting more popular! Create a STUNNING photo area while also letting your guests know where they’ll be sitting with this mirror wall seating chart! Start searching those thrift stores and call up that Aunt with the artsy handwriting because this seating chart is totally a DIY moment! Have your wedding designer add some greenery and a touch of floral and BOOM! You have a seating chart no one will ever forget!

Table Numbers with a Twist

1. Work it into your decor

Talk with your wedding designer and brainstorm about ways to work the table number into a decor element that’s already on your table! I can tell you right now… this “table number” probably cost less than $2. Yep, you can grab one of those candles from your local dollar store and all you need is some letter stickers and you are SET! The easiest way to make sure your table numbers work with your table decor is to MAKE IT your table decor!

2. Book Pages

For all of my book lovers and vintage brides, this one is for you! This idea is SO easy, affordable and unique! Message us for other ideas to tie books into your wedding decor (we have too many for this blog!)

3. Tiles

This idea is quickly becoming popular as well! Head to any home improvement store, tile store or do some online shopping and find your favorite tiles! They make the most gorgeous tiles these days so have some fun and pick out a statement piece for your table numbers! Then… you guessed it… all you need is a sticker!

LOTS of the above ideas are PERFECT for our DIY queens! Save some money, grab your honey and knock out some STUNNING and UNIQUE wedding signage! That’s right, a shot wall or tile table numbers… there’s nothing you can’t do when you put your mind to it! We highly recommend checking out TikTok and YouTube for step by step instructions and videos on all the wedding DIY’s! If arts and crafts was never your forte, if you’re short on time or just looking to keep things completely stress free… Etsy is your new best friend! Any and all of the designs above can be found on Etsy making it a one stop shop for some incredible wedding signage! 

Whether you’re just starting the designing process or you’re down to crunch time and short on ideas, I hope this blog was helpful for you! Any and all of these ideas can be mixed and matched! Small mirrors can make the perfect table numbers and a book wall could make the perfect seating chart! So use this as inspiration, reach out with any questions and remember that planning your wedding should be FUN!

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