Color and Style Analysis to Create Your Dream Wedding

Color is only beautiful when it means something.

-Robert Henri

Dress, dress color, dress shape, dress texture,jewelry, shoes, makeup, hairstyle… you’ve got A LOT to figure out when it comes to figuring out your wedding appearance. Not to mention what color the bridesmaids will be wearing, what color shoe. How do they wear their hair if yours is up? SO. MANY. THINGS. TO. FIGURE. OUT. 

Did you know that some brides look better in pure white while some look better in ivory? You may be wondering how you’re supposed to know which shade of white is meant for you. Let’s talk about that. 

Every bride wants to look her ABSOLUTE best on wedding day. It’s the day every girl dreams of! So you start planning your wedding day appearance. Hair, makeup, jewelry, shoes, hairdo aaaand the dress. The dress that when you put it on you get that bridal feeling. The dress that makes people say “it was made for you!” What does that dream dress look like for you though? Here’s some things to consider… certain necklines, cuts, fabric, and style… all these things play into what YOUR personal dream dress is. How are you supposed to know what you look best in though?? The answer. HOUSE OF COLOUR. We have partnered with some extremely talented consultants to help you determine all the aspects of the dress that fits you and your dreams. They also help you determine which makeup will best compliment your skin tone; how to use your personal style to how to identify your WOW colors which are helpful when choosing your color palette and event design! We’ll also go over the floral scale and colors that best compliment YOU!  IT ALL WORKS TOGETHER BEAUTIFULLY!

Your color palette is one of the first design choices you’ll make when planning your wedding. Did you know that it shouldn’t be just a random selection of colors you like? It should actually be determined by your WOW colors. Your WOW colors, and the CORRECT shade of white for YOU, ensure that you are vibrant and glowing (in the best way) on your wedding day, instead of washed out or yellow. Another HUGE factor in preventing any washed out or yellow tones is choosing the CORRECT makeup that best compliments your skin tone. From your foundation to your lipstick, these things will contribute to your bridal glow!

Once you’ve established your WOW colors, it’s time to determine which necklines, cuts, fabrics and styles are meant for YOU! Just like your colors, these factors should not be picked at random. Some dress shapes, fabrics and cuts will downplay your beauty, others will help you SHINE as you say “I Do.”

Something we’ve learned with our years in the industry – most bridal shops and stylists are NOT actually trained in this area.

We have partnered with an AMAZING team of color and style specialists from The House of Colour who will help you determine ALL of the factors above! They’ll also help you identify the scale and shape of jewelry and flowers to compliment you, provide floral and bouquet recommendations and use your clothing personality to help with event design and bridal party looks.

From here they will pass ALL this information over to our team of talented event design specialists who will assess and help you design a wedding 100%  tailored to YOU. We’ll take your WOW colors and specific styles and help you translate them into your wedding stationary, menu cards, thank yous, etc. We’ll use those same WOW colors to determine which linen colors should surround YOU on your big day. We’ll study the floral recommendations and event design suggestions provided by the House of Colour specialists to determine and design a day that compliments YOU and reflects YOUR style. The greatest compliment you can receive on your wedding day is “This is so you!” Whether they’re referring to the invite they received in the mail, your dress, or the florals adorning the venue… we are here to help YOU feel your absolute best on the biggest and happiest day of your life!

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