Together, we will think through the stationery font, the texture of your linen, the finish on your chair, the ribbon tied around your guest favors, the pillows on your soft seating, the types of flowers that will best communicate your style and every other detail that will make your wedding one-of-a-kind.

Chinell's by Ariel: Organically Magical.

Event design is all about personalizing your wedding and making it beautiful. It goes beyond simply arranging pretty flowers;  and instead is considers every visual component. We will help you define your vision and then bring your personal style to life with our creative direction. Wrapping our hands  - and hearts - around every visual detail of your wedding ensures your story is told cohesively, from start to finish. 


Let's Make

When you see your selected floral package or customized design proposal and mood board, we're confident you'll say: "That's EXACTLY what I wanted." We're so excited to be a part of your wedding team! 


Our dates book VERY quickly. After your consultation, you'll receive a custom fee schedule. A 20% deposit books your event and allows the work to begin.    


Everything we do is completely customized to YOUR event.  This consultation allows us to dive into the details and truly understand your vision.

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How do you want to feel on your wedding day? What do you want your guests' reaction to be when they arrive? What does love, marriage, and success mean to you? These are all ideas and desires that the Chinell's by Ariel Floral and Event Design team treasures. We have a unique planning process that allows us the opportunity to really know you, and YOU the ability to plan over time, keeping the process fun, exciting, and on budget.

Beyond your floral vision, we can work with other local vendors on your behalf to organize stationary, favors, custom engraving, linens, and more to create the event YOU want while saving you from a ton of leg-work and stress.

Event Design + Floral

Don't need the full design experience, but you still want Chinell’s caliber flowers? We offer floral packages! Choosing floral packages for your wedding is easy, stress-free and fast! Pick from our 3 package options, tell us if you want "traditional' or 'organic', and share your color palette with us! Want access to our full inventory of decor? We can do that too! 

Floral Packages

Do It Yourself

Love the idea of putting together your own wedding flowers, but not sure where to get them, what's in season, how much you need, and ALL the things? We'd love to help you! 

Our DIY options allow you to do the fun stuff without the stressful where and how questions. We even offer in-person guidance! This is ideal for the bride who wants to include her friends and family in the décor process and make a party of it - a fabulous week to beat the stress of wedding week with your tribe!

We are a team of passion, patience, and grit. There is not challenge that we cannot rise to Want a floating arbor? Want a stage curtain? Want a stone fireplace to look soft and elegant? Have an idea that you can't put into words? In love with a concept you have no idea how to build? Then Chinell's by Ariel is the team for you. 

We Can Handle Anything!

Frequently Asked Questions

I just got engaged and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. Do you have anything that could help me?

How MUCH ARE YOU? Can you work with my budget? Is there a wedding too big or too small for you?

How do i prepare for a discovery meeting with chinell's by ariel?


I love your work, but I just want to order a regular bouquet, what do i do? 






Fortunately, Chinell's by Ariel has gone rogue! We do operate a more traditional florist service to offer individual bouquets and arrangements for holidays, birthdays, funerals, and whenever you're feeling like you need something organically magical in your life. Visit to learn more.

Don't think of preparing for our initial consultation as work! Think of it as getting to share all your hopes, dreams, ideas, and questions with your new best bridal friend. Gather everything, magazine articles you liked, pictures you took, your pinterest boards, favorite pieces of clothing; anything that gives a hint of what makes you and yours tick. And if you don't have ANY of that - try filling out our planning guide, Design is More than Decor, and bringing it to the meeting. 

It's ok! When you sign on as a Chinell's by Ariel bride, your 20% nonrefundable deposit holds the date and gaurantees delivery of your floral dreams. However, every event is special, and during our monthly follow up calls, we'll review all the details repeatedly to make sure your order is complete when the final invoice is due - even if that means adding or adjusting the original plan. 

Chinell’s by Ariel is committed to exceptional, one-of-a-kind bridal experiences. We also have a one-of-a-kind fee schedule that maximizes your value while accommodating our process and need to be creative. Unlike traditional florists, individual pieces are not priced. Instead, your floral fee is arrived at via three factors: (1) design, (2) supply, and (3) execution. While we try to work within most budgets, we do have a $1500 minimum order for full service event design and set up; you'll be pleasantly surprised at how comprehensive that figure is. When you see the love and effort we put into the placement of every blossom and leaf, you'll know you made the right investment and put your trust in the right hands. 

We know that event planning is stressful - that's why Ariel wrote: Design is More than Decor. It's a step by step worksheet that will help you put into words the ideas you have in your heart. Download it for free right here. We hope it helps, regardless of if you book Chinell's by Ariel or not.