Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it.  It's an old quote that has been attributed to everyone from Confucius to Andy Warhol. And while we don't know who said it, we do know that it applies to Ariel Unselt, owner, operator, and visionary of Chinell's by Ariel. How else do you describe someone who has a background in:

           - Communications & Design: she's got her B.A. from George Mason and was a public health educator for KDHE
              - Performance: she was TOTALLY a character actor at DISNEYWORLD! 
              - Weddings: gown consultant, planner, and floral apprentice to boot! 

In addition, she is passionate about professional development. Floral classes, business networking, and her 2021 Wedding Planner certification make her expertise and asset to every bride she works with. All that combines for 17 years of experience that will help her bring professionalism and beauty everywhere and wherever - including your event! 

Every photo on this website displays an actual Chinell's by Ariel creation. 


a little bit about

Your decor doesn't have to be elaborate to create a memorable event. Our design team will help you decide where to focus our efforts.

make an impact


Everything from number of bridal party members to color of dresses and suits, we will go through all the things to customize your design.

it's all in the details


You may not be overwhelmed when thinking about these things, but our design team can help!

style and color


We're suckers for a great love story, and we LOVE hearing engagement stories too! These things inspire US when we're thinking about your design.

your love story


For the personal attention, the intuitive assistance, and the ease of experience. The first step is to schedule your personal consultation. At this appointment, we'll discuss in detail your inspiration for the flowers and decor from the bouquets and boutonnieres to the ceremony flowers and centerpieces. Expect to spend one to two hours with us. We want to intimately know your style and vision, your likes and dislikes, so we can take those details and create a design that exceeds your expectations and truly feels like you.

Here are some things that we will talk about:


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