Can you send me your pricing?

“Can you send me your pricing?” 

“I’d love to know your packages.” 

“How much are centerpieces?” 

These are questions I’m often asked upon initial inquiry about floral services. While I’d love to have a blanketed email already prepared to specifically answer these exact questions, the truth is it’s just not that simple.  

To give an accurate estimate for these questions, florists need to know a lot of things. What is your wedding date (season DOES make a difference)? What flowers do you want? Why style of bouquet? What size of bouquet? How many bridesmaids do you have? Groomsmen? Corsages? The list goes on…. 

Chinell’s by Ariel is committed to exceptional, one-of-a-kind bridal experiences. We also have a one-of-a-kind fee schedule that maximizes your value while accommodating our process and need to be creative. Unlike most florists, we don’t have a per item price tagHowever, I know budget is a HUGE factor especially when planning a wedding, so I completely understand why pricing is the first thing people want to know about flowers.  

Based on a recent article in the Knot wedding magazine, here is a general breakdown for bouquet pricing to give you a sense of where to make your floral investments: 

$100 – A more petite bouquet, with a main focus being on a gorgeous color palette or a few standout blooms. Spray roses, mini carnations and alstromeria are all examples of stems with multiple blooms so these are great choices to really fill in bouquets with a smaller budget. A textured ribbon like grosgrain is also a great way to add visual interest without breaking the bank. 

This beautiful bouquet of carnations is simple but far from stylish!

$150 – With a bit more room in your budget, your florist can pull together a fuller bouquet. Ruffley looking blooms such as ranunculus are a wedding mainstay – the delicate petals photograph beautifully. Unique focal blooms like pincushions can be quite the statement piece. Like long ribbons? Combining chiffon and satin ribbon add a luxe flowy look to your bouquet. 

Those delicate petals though!

$200 – At this price your florist should be able to design a dream team of “filler” blooms, like carnations or chrysanthemums, with showy, more elite picks like garden roses and anthurium.  

$250 – The sky is (almost) the limit with this bouquet budget. Florists can have a ton of fun when able to really play with color and flower selection. Delicate orchids paired with statement peonies can combine at this price point for a jaw-dropping display, especially in bright hues. Adding rich velvet ribbon is a truly luxurious final touch. 

Protea and garden roses take center stage in this beauty

If you’re concerned about budget, talk to you florist honestly about it. S/he will know how to achieve a look that matches your vision at a price that works for you. Trust them over internet research and Pinterest photos.  

Want a bouquet that is truly showstopping? Again, talk to your florist. Their expertise and designer’s vision can dream up something completely unique and custom to your wedding.  

Bottom line – whether or not you’re working with a strict budget to bring your flower dreams to life, talk openly with your florist, or even one you’re just considering. Be willing to meet with them, show them your ideas, brainstorm with them. While one person’s overall cost may be more appealing, their personality may not be the best fit for you. Anyone you are bringing to your wedding team should be an addition you are truly excited about working with. Their understanding of your vision and ideas is what sets him or her apart from others in the industry for YOUR day.  

Schedule a time to chat about your wedding with our design team today!

*Article in reference written by Alyssa Longobucco ; photos are not my own

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