I used to be diligent about journaling. When I found out was pregnant with my first child, I was diligent about writing to her. Somewhere between her growing into a miniature me, being pregnant with my second, purchasing a business and turning life as we knew it upside down – the journaling stopped. That second baby is now 18 months old, and I’ve officially owned that business for 15 months. I’ve missed writing and it was on my heart so many times to share about my journey throughout learning this business while having 2 young kids and all the crazy that comes with them (them being the business AND the kids). So here we go –

I suppose it’s only fair to admit that confidence has never been a particularly strong trait of mine, but passion can sure encourage a person to do a lot of things while being completely scared out of your pants. Three of the SCARIEST, most REWARDING things I’ve done:

  1. Sang a solo for 24,000 people my junior year of high school. Seriously y’all…I still get chills looking at the picture someone took of my face up on the big screen with the crowded stands behind it. I NEVER thought I would get picked when I auditioned for that. I was terrified to audition, but had a ridiculous amount of passion for singing. This will forever be one of my proudest moments.
  2. Took a break from college to move half-way across the country, move in with 5 complete strangers and work for Mickey Mouse. These 7 months were a time of self-discovery – learning to love myself, push myself out of the introvert box to meet people from all over the world, ride Mount Everest a stupid amount of times during a 1-hour lunch break, learning how to compromise over cleanliness levels and thermostats. And although I don’t talk to or see those 5 complete strangers hardly ever, you will FOREVER hold a most special place in my heart.  I will always feel the need to wear all my favorite belongings on my birthday, refer to people as “Sassy Britches”, greet people with “Jambo” (in my mind), and point with 2 fingers, never one.
  3. Bought a business in a field I knew nothing about so that I could spend more time with my family, not work under people who shouldn’t be in leadership roles, but most importantly, do something I’m passionate about.

I have ALWAYS wanted to work in the wedding industry but never knew where my place was. If you’ve ever doubted your journey, I’m here to tell you God has a way of working things out for you if you just trust Him and take the opportunities He presents to you. I met this incredible woman named Chris in 2013 when our husbands were deployed together. She is so full of life and determination and will always be a designer that I admire; the word ‘no’ is a challenge to her and I KNOW there isn’t anything in the world she couldn’t do. Fast forward to a few years later, a couple job changes for me and career change for her – we were both looking in different directions than we had been. And then I was learning about flowers with a few-week old baby boy strapped on my chest. And then we signed a contract and I became a wedding florist by trade and a new business owner.

This past year has been a complete whirlwind! I’ve seen a lot, learned more than I ever thought possible, met so many incredibly talented people, and pushed my comfort level beyond anything I ever thought I could. There are days when my confidence is non-existent and times when we wonder how we will afford to feed our kids. I still struggle with the feeling of overwhelming guilt for leaving a promised paycheck to indulge in a dream and feed my passion; it feels incredibly selfish although it was done with the desire to be with my family more and be a BETTER version of me for my family. I’ve learned all of these things are true of entrepreneurs – and I feel like I finally fit in somewhere and that I am where God wants me to be. My hope is that in starting this blog, you’ll learn more about the raw and real side of being a business owner, a parent, a woman and a child of God because of course nothing is always all rainbows and candy canes. I hope that you’ll be inspired to follow your passions and dreams and to do things scared. I hope you are encouraged to try new things and push your limits. I hope you empower those around you to be better versions of themselves by doing these things. Be blessed, friends! And BE a blessing. Thanks for reading.

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